Excellent photography comes as a result of understanding your subject matter, technical skill, and creativity.  Well-achieved architectural photography has the ability to share the experience and environment of the space without ever having to step foot inside of it.  It has the ability to transport the viewer to that space and convey a story, show off the beauty of design, or the function of a specific environment.  Each space is full of opportunity to illustrate the skills and talents of a design team. Resolution Focus seeks to work directly with you to achieve the best presentation of your design.




Resolution Focus is a photography studio that is managed and operated by Stephanie D. Norberg.  She is a seasoned professional Architectural Photographer with over twelve years of experience and comes from a background in the Fine Arts.


Resolution Focus has collaborated with Architectural and Design Firms, Construction Firms, Engineer Firms and Building Owners to provide photography to illustrate project experience and design.




Resolution Focus is a your one stop shop for photography.  Some of the services we offer are architectural photography, construction photography, time lapse photography, Matterport 3D virtual tours, floor plans, and videography for construction training and owner's manuals.




New York City Area + Washington D.C. Metro Area

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